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What You Should Know About Safes

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Keep Your Valuables Protected Fort Knox. Vatican cameos. James Bond. Hmmmm. Wondering why we’ve bundled a bank, a line from Sherlock Holmes, and a spy together? If you guessed they all have something to do with safes, you’d be right. We should also add Johnny Locksmith: if you want secured safes, only a professional locksmith […]

Smart Alternatives to Cheap Door Locks

high security door lock

Reliable, Affordable Door Locks Services Moving into a new home or apartment is expensive. Even after you pay the upfront costs of the apartment or house you’re about to make your new home, there’s still tons more spending to do.    It’s understandable that people try to be cost-conscious when choosing locks for their doors. Many […]

If You Lose Your Keys, Don’t Panic!


What to do When You Lose Your Car Keys At some point in our lives, most of us have locked our keys in the car. At first thought, you probably resort to unbridled panic, with all common sense and rational thought leaving your brain. If there are pets or kids in the car, this may […]

Hiring A Trusted Locksmith Company

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Hire a Locksmith With Integrity It’s annoying to accidentally lose your keys or lock yourself out of your house or car, but it can also be dangerous. You don’t want to risk being stuck outside in the rain or cold in the middle of the night. It’s good to have a few backup plans in […]