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Moving into a new home or apartment is expensive. Even after you pay the upfront costs of the apartment or house you’re about to make your new home, there’s still tons more spending to do.    It’s understandable that people try to be cost-conscious when choosing locks for their doorsMany assume that a determined burglar will get in. There’s little to do that will stop a break-in once a home’s been targeted, which is not exactly true. Thieves want to move quickly. They don’t want to struggle with locks that are designed to keep them out. Confrontations during break-ins are something every occupant wants to avoid. Sometimes thieves, however, aren’t aware that anyone’s home. Other times they don’t care. Keeping this type of occurrence a low probability is recommended. That’s why good locks and security are essential. Any lock can eventually be picked, but the following lock brands are as close to unpickable as any can get. It’s worth it to put your best effort into assuring that you can relax and feel at ease in your home or workplace. You really shouldn’t pinch pennies when it comes to safety.

1. Evva

Evva’s based in Austria. They’re a family-owned business that’s been around since 1919. They have the expertise and the name recognition that you’re looking for from a company that specializes in protecting domestic and commercial properties. They’re known throughout Europe, as well as the rest of the world, for making high-quality locks. They design a wide range. Their magnetic key system or MCS locks come with keys that can’t be duplicated as well as other state-of-the-art innovations that make most locksmiths give Evva two thumbs up.

2. Medeco

Medeco locks are common in industrial and government buildings. It’s no coincidence. Medeco uses a unique technology to prevent stolen keys from being copied. Their cylinders are some of the sturdiest you can buy. In other words, thieves can’t drill through them or use other tools that easily shatter lock hardware. Their deadbolts are also solid, which means that someone trying to use their body weight to push or kick your door in would be ineffective. Medeco even has a line of genius key less security solutions that allow owners of commercial properties to change keys without having to reinstall new locks.

3. Corbin Russwin

Corbin Russwin is a known brand when it comes to controlling who sets foot on your property. You can’t go wrong using their products to defend a private house or large facility where both entering and exiting are processes that need to be monitored. Their locks and bolts undergo rigorous trials during which they’re tested for strength. They offer a diverse selection of security solutions. Corbin’s a brand you can depend on.

4. Mul-T-Lock

Mul-T-Lock is also synonymous with high security and theft prevention. They’re a global company known for a special key less lock series of products. Mul-T-Lock is a trusted brand when it comes to smart security solutions. If you’re looking to install cameras, touch pads and integrate surveillance capabilities into your security system, you can count on their highly advanced product offerings.

5. RR Brink Locking Systems

You know you can depend on locks and security systems designed by a company whose heavy duty products are often used to secure casinos, banks and correctional institutions. RR Brink is a door lock brand that locksmiths often recommend. They don’t just, of course, produce locks. They serve both the public and private sector. RR Brink manufactures hinges, key switches, grip pulls and more. You can get just about anything you need from them to keep your valued possessions and loved ones secure.

Life is expensive and budgets are tighter than ever these days, but security is a top priority, so you can’t be too thrifty when it comes to ensuring that your home is secure and safe. Homes that are easy to break into, get broken into. The data that backs this up is widely available to anyone who thinks they’re not taking a risk by putting cheap locks on their doors. Asking for any of the brands above is a great first step. They may require a bigger investment but are the price you pay to have less drama and more peace in your life.