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Rekey the Locks in Your New Home

If you are currently in the process of purchasing a new house, chances are good that you might have a lot on your to-do list. You might be thinking about clearing clutter from your old home, putting your old home on the market, hiring a moving company to help you pack and move and more. One thing that you may not have thought about yet, however, is hiring a locksmith to come out and rekey the locks at your new house. Hiring a locksmith like Johnny Locksmith Phoenix Az to come out and rekey the locks at the new house is a smart decision. These are a few reasons why.

Ensure Locks Aren’t Damaged

First of all, even though you might feel that you have done a thorough inspection of the home that you are purchasing, and even if you have had a home inspection, there might be little things that you will not notice until you are actually living there. For example, a lock that is difficult to lock and unlock might not be something that you are aware of now, but it can pose security issues and can be a big pain once you do move in. When rekeying your lock, your locksmith can make sure that there isn’t any damage that you should be aware of and can repair the lock or replace it, if necessary.

Gain Peace of Mind

Even though you might be excited about moving to your new home, living in a new place can always make you feel a little bit nervous. After all, you might not know much about the neighborhood, and until the home feels truly lived-in, it might not feel completely comfortable to you and your family. Having the locks rekeyed can provide you with peace of mind so that you can settle into your new home more easily and comfortably.

Keep Yourself and Your Family Safe

The truth is that you never know if someone else might have a copy of the keys to the home that you are buying. Sure, the seller and the real estate agent might have said that you have the only set, but you don’t really have any way of knowing if this is true. Even if the seller isn’t aware of an extra set, there is always a chance that a former roommate, someone who used to do work in the house or someone else might have a copy, or there might be a lost set of keys out there that no one even knows about. Rekeying your locks can help you ensure that no one is able to easily gain access to your home with one of these keys, if there is one out there.

Save Money

Throughout all of this, you might be wondering: Why rekey the locks instead of replacing them completely? Well, in some cases, replacing the locks is a good idea. For example, if the locks are outdated, it might be smart to replace them completely to ensure that you have secure, up-to-date locks.

If the current locks on the home are not outdated, however, rekeying them can help you save money. Then, you can enjoy the same sense of security and can prevent someone from gaining access to the home when you don’t want them to, but you won’t have to spend the full amount that it would cost to buy all new locks. It’s the perfect solution.

As you can see, it’s smart to change the locks if you are buying another home. Luckily, Johnny Locksmith provides fast, affordable and reliable services so that you can change your locks without adding too many additional costs to your moving expenses and without having to worry about too much added stress during an already stressful time.