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Is it important to have a legend behind the locks you purchase for your business offices, factories, and facilities? If you’re worried about all aspects of security related to your products or services, the answer is likely yes.

You’re not alone. Other business owners share your concern, which is but one of the reasons the Sargent lock brand has become such a driving force in the building security arena. This century-old manufacturer has built its reputation on the man who founded the company—a man who insisted on the best when it came to the products he made.

Joseph B. Sargent may have died in 1907, but as the founder of Sargent & Company, he didn’t just make and manufacture hardware and locks: he also served as New Haven, Connecticut’s mayor. Between 1857 and 1882, Sargent built an empire that produced more than 1,000 hardware items. He became the largest supplier and distributor in the U.S., turning his attention specifically on lock design and manufacture in 1884. If 132 years of lock development impress you, why would you choose anything but a Sargent lock to protect your business?

In keeping with the rapid expansion of manufacturing technology and innovation, Sargent locks offer cutting-edge security options that include locks with RF technology for stand-alone operation so business owners in need of remotely-controlled locks with hand-held transmitters have choices. Shopping for an electrified system? Sargent produces them to such exacting standards, even the Secret Service would approve of security-grade parts, finely-tooled inner workings, and exacting engineering.

But new technology isn’t the only option a business owner is given when specifying a Sargent lock since the company continues to make and sell traditional bored locks, deadbolts and padlocks. Should your company require nothing more than an easy-to-install unit, you still get the Sargent brand and reputation emblazoned upon the hardware you choose for your facility.

Why ask for Sargent over other brands? Simple: You not only want a dependable brand name but you also want innovation. Sargent’s “Panic Button” feature for school and university classrooms is just one of the socially responsible areas this company addresses. And if you think that all locks look alike, think again. Sargent locks have received design awards from the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design and The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies.

Among the cutting edge directions Sargent is currently taking are the production of locks that interface with ethernets, single locking systems within the Sargent Profile series (offering the capability to store up to 2,000 users per lock) and you’ll be interested to know that the U.S. Patent Service that has granted Sargent’s Degree patented key system protections competitors couldn’t hope to duplicate.

Ask yourself this question as you make a decision about the locks you seek for your business: What are you protecting? No two business owners (unless they’re direct competitors) share the same objectives, thus the benefits you receive from the locking system(s) you choose are likely to be just as unique. Whether you deal in trademark secrets or you have huge amounts of inventory to safeguard, a single break-in could mean the difference between staying in business or not or facing escalated business insurance premiums.

Of course, you can choose a lock brand that is fairly new to the market because it’s cheaper than Sargent—you may even be happy with the system you select–but in this era of hyper-security, is this the time to cut corners when so much is at stake? It’s important to remember that you protect more than the contents of your business when you choose a security lock: You also show that you’re protective of your employees and your customers.

How can we help you? At Johnny Locksmith, business owners put the security of their businesses into our hands every day and we don’t take that responsibility lightly. Our service record speaks for itself and we’re particularly proud to carry the Sargent brand. Our technicians are thoroughly vetted and trained so you can expect prompt service 24/7 and we’re happy to provide you with testimonials from business owners happy to vouch for our efficiency, high-quality work, and products.

We’re proud to say that our customer satisfaction ratings are continually high. Carrying the Sargent brand comes with our obligation make the process of choosing the right security lock company for your business transparent and comprehensive—and we’re pretty sure that Joseph B. Sargent would approve of the way we do business, too!