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Phoenix Locksmith | Lock Bumping


What is lock bumping, and how can you prevent it? Lock bumping is an easy way for burglars to gain entry to your home.Many people still have cylinder locks as their main security source, but these locks are easy to compromise with a few simple tools and a little knowledge on how to do it.The […]

Why Secure Your Home With Schlage Residential Locks


Consider Schlage Locks to Secure Your Home If you’re looking for a way to secure your home, then you should consider Schlage residential locks. When compared with locks from other brands, Schlage locks offer significantly better quality and more benefits. It’s not a good idea to underestimate the importance of home security. Burglars don’t discriminate […]


keypad with door lock change

Why Change Your Locks and Replace Your Keys? Do you sometimes catch yourself waking up several times at night to check that there’s no burglar in your house? Perhaps you had a fight with an old friend, and he promised to deal with you. Don’t get all panicked yet. You can do something about it. […]

Traditional Lock Systems and the Modern Day

rusted lock

Modern Lock Systems vs. Traditional Lock Systems The world is changing quickly these days. If you blink for a quick second, you could end up missing many major technological advancements and updates. Things aren’t any different in the lock and key realm, either. Security nowadays is nothing like it was just a few short decades […]

Smart Car Key Replacement Service

Hyundai key replacement

Reliable Smart Key Replacement for Your Car Smart car keys are booming in popularity. If you own a vehicle, you’ve probably heard about them at some point. They’re hard to ignore these days. The vast majority of new vehicles come with them and they are good replacement car keys. Their advantages are plentiful, too. Smart […]

Buying a New House? Have Your Locks Rekeyed

gate lock

Rekey the Locks in Your New Home If you are currently in the process of purchasing a new house, chances are good that you might have a lot on your to-do list. You might be thinking about clearing clutter from your old home, putting your old home on the market, hiring a moving company to […]

What You Should Know About Safes

closed and locked safe

Keep Your Valuables Protected Fort Knox. Vatican cameos. James Bond. Hmmmm. Wondering why we’ve bundled a bank, a line from Sherlock Holmes, and a spy together? If you guessed they all have something to do with safes, you’d be right. We should also add Johnny Locksmith: if you want secured safes, only a professional locksmith […]

Emergency Locksmith Services


Trust a Reputable Emergency Locksmith You aren’t going to get very far in your vehicle without a working key. To be safe, it is usually a good idea to have two functioning keys, and your car may actually be worth more if you have a spare at the time of sale. If you have lost […]