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What you should know about Audi cars and keys

key replacements for audi

AUDI CARS AND KEYS: WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW Just when you thought you have seen the best of the automobile industry, Audi comes into the fray and blows you away with their mind-blowing ingenuity and masterpieces. Established in 1910, Audi has become a juggernaut to contend with in the auto industry. Year after year, Audi […]


new replacement car key for BMW 520i 2002 made by johnny locksmith

What Should You Know About BMW Cars & Keys? BMW (BAYERISCHE MOTOREN WERKE), started its company the year 1916 and it’s known to set records for altitude and speed, probably what attracted so many consumers to love the car brand. BMW which is one of the best-selling automobile makers in the world has its headquarters […]

Smart Car Key Replacement Service

Hyundai key replacement

Reliable Smart Key Replacement for Your Car Smart car keys are booming in popularity. If you own a vehicle, you’ve probably heard about them at some point. They’re hard to ignore these days. The vast majority of new vehicles come with them and they are good replacement car keys. Their advantages are plentiful, too. Smart […]

Vehicle Key Replacement Service in Phoenix, Arizona

Mercedes car key

Phoenix’s Go-To Key Replacement Service Losing keys can be quite frustrating and stressful for people. Stolen keys can be even more nerve-racking, for that matter. That’s why people always need to know about top-quality professional locksmith for cars and companies that are in their area. If you ever lose your keys, you want to know […]

Emergency Locksmith Services


Trust a Reputable Emergency Locksmith You aren’t going to get very far in your vehicle without a working key. To be safe, it is usually a good idea to have two functioning keys, and your car may actually be worth more if you have a spare at the time of sale. If you have lost […]

My Honda Ignition Key Not Working, What To Do ?

honda car

What to do When Your Honda Ignition Key Stops Working First play with the steering wheel to make sure it’s not locked. It is a common problem when the key stops working in Honda cars, especially in 2003 Hondas and newer. In this year, Honda started to make a new style high-security ignition key. Sometimes […]

What to Do If You’re Using Your Car Key & Ignition Doesn’t Turn

car keys

Steps to Getting Your Ignition Working First, make sure your shifting is in the park position If your steering column locked, move your steering column to the left and right and try to turn your car key It is a common problem, you will need to contact an expert locksmith to check your car key […]

How To Program GM Keys On Board When You Lost All Your Keys?

car key

Program Your GM Car Key First, you need to make sure your battery is full (11.+ will be good) This process takes a total of 30 minutes to program your transponder chip. Use the new car key with the chip you want to program. You will need to do 3 cycles of 10 min each. […]