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What Should You Know About BMW Cars & Keys?

BMW (BAYERISCHE MOTOREN WERKE), started its company the year 1916 and it’s known to set records for altitude and speed, probably what attracted so many consumers to love the car brand. BMW which is one of the best-selling automobile makers in the world has its headquarters located Munich, Bavaria, Germany.
To start with, BMW front face grills on all BMW’S are called “kidney Grills” and was first launched in 1933, the company is known to produce electric and sporting cars. For instance the first electric car produced by BMW called the 1602 debuted at the 1972 Munich Olympics, ever since there has been high production of BMW cars. Reports showed that in March 2016, BMW cars were built every 16 seconds.

Interesting features of BMW Cars


You think the stunning beauty and performance level of BMW cars makes them stand out and stand tall? Then you have no idea about their amazing key/ignition technology. You will agree that we live in a technology-driven world, hence, BMW decided to change the trend of having just a physical key to building keys with actual remote buttons. These trends started with the E39 and E46 BMW models and have since developed into what is formally called the push button ignition. All this design has been modified to afford users optimum Comfort. This new Comfort Access system detects the car lock from the driver’s pockets and when you place your hand on the door handle, the door unlocks.
With BMW latest car key, you can control the climate system and all other innovative functions in the car


Well, despite the fact that BMW keys and ignition are designed to last for a long time, users cannot rule out the possibility of the keys failing sometimes. That’s why renowned locksmith companies like Johnny locksmith are always available to fix all your BMW keys and ignition hassles. At Johnny locksmith, we pride ourselves in fixing all your BMW key related issues.

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