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How Could You Benefit from a Panic Bar?

Many small business owners have decided to have panic bars installed on their buildings, but unfortunately, many others have not. Panic bars are also called exit devices, push bars or crash bars, and these terms are used to describe a special type of tumbler lock.

The purpose of a panic bar is to unlock a door during an emergency situation. A typical panic bar is installed on the inside of a door that opens in an outward direction. The panic bar has a spring-loaded horizontal bar, and it’s designed to allow building occupants to exit a building quickly and safely.

In most public buildings, panic bars are installed on exit doors, and they’re regularly installed in malls, bars, restaurants, and businesses. Virtually all panic bars operate the same way. When a person pushes against the bar, it causes the door to unlock. As long as nobody pushes on the panic bar from the inside of the building, the door will remain locked.

Do You Want Higher Security Levels?

Depending on the situation, some push bars are installed with an alarm system, which is great for preventing unauthorized entry. Since panic bars are incredibly important, they should only be installed by a professional locksmith. If you’re a small business owner, there are several benefits to having panic bars installed on your building’s exit doors.

Unmatched Safety

The level of safety that you get from a panic bar is nearly unmatched. A push bar streamlines evacuation and protects your building during non-emergency scenarios.

In other words, it protects your building from virtually every negative scenario imaginable. Since the push bar only unlocks the door when someone pushes on it from the inside, it keeps entry points safe from outside intruders.

There is always the option of having a panic bar installed with an alarm system, so when someone pushes on the bar, it will cause the alarm to sound. These systems can be observed in most large hotels, hospitals and similar buildings.

Limitless Variety

Another benefit of choosing to have a professional locksmith in Phoenix install push bars for your small business is the variety. Push bars can be installed with an alarm system, or you can choose from several other options.

For some buildings, it makes more sense to install vertical or crossbar panic bars. Since there are many different types of push bars to choose from, you should have no trouble finding something that is perfect for your business.

Unbeatable Affordability

A professional locksmith offers a number of different services, and when you consider the price of many of these services, it’s quite inexpensive to have push bars installed. Many similar security devices cost far more money and don’t provide nearly as much protection.

A top-notch panic bar might only cost $300, and depending on your situation, you should be able to find some models that are much cheaper.

Effective Security

Panic bars are perfect for getting people out of a building safely, but they’re also great for security. Many tragic emergency situations wouldn’t have been nearly as bad if panic bars had been installed on the buildings involved.

A few examples are movie theaters and schools. Push bars make it possible for people to exit a business much more quickly than with an alternative door locking mechanism. If you’re a small business owner, they can even help to lower your insurance.

One of the reasons why panic bars are so popular is because they dramatically improve building security and safety. For small business owners, it’s best to think of push bars as an investment against unwanted intruders and tragic accidents.

More Reasons to Have Panic Bars Installed

Crash bars are installed in many large buildings, and they help business owners stay in compliance with the latest building codes and regulations.

In an emergency situation, every crash bar should be viewed as an asset. Most crash bars are installed on fire safety exits, and they’re especially important for larger buildings. When an emergency situation occurs inside your small business, there is a good chance that people will panic.

Without crash bars, such behavior can lead to a tragic situation. If you would like to find out more about our professional locksmith services, contact us now.